Custom Throw Pillows

Looking for ways to spruce up your home decor for the new year? Easy! Custom throw pillows!

We have so many design options to choose from – there’s definitely one for you! You can add your name, monogram, photos, dates, and even change the colors and font styles.

Be sure to scroll through to see all the options and definitely let us know if you have questions or need help with the customization.

6 Creative and Custom Wedding Gift Ideas from Cedar and String

6 Creative and Custom Wedding Gift Ideas

FTC Disclosure: This blog post may contain affiliate links, meaning that we might make commissions on products you purchase, but it does not impact your cost.

We were recently invited to a wedding, and one of the first things we did was look up the Happy Couple’s registry to see what we could get them. To our chagrin, most of the items we would’ve chosen were already taken and what was left were things like votive candles and electric outlet plug covers. Really? What kind of wedding guest brings electric outlet covers as a gift? Not this kind – that’s for sure!

So, we headed off-registry to look for a gift that would be both meaningful and lasting and then put together a list of some of the cool things we found as we were shopping. And if you read to the end we’ll tell you which one we ended up picking as our favorite!

For the gardeners and nature lovers, we adore this Personalized White Washed Engraved Wood Planter Box. At 7×7” square, it’s the perfect size for their first apartment!

Personalized Cutting Boards are always a good idea, and we especially love these bamboo boards with a luscious walnut stain!


For a more rustic look, we loved this Personalized Cedar Wood Cutting Board made from reclaimed wood!


Here’s a secret about us that you may not know: we’re not really big drinkers, but we do love using large pint glasses for our soft drinks and sweet tea. These Engraved Pint Glasses would make great gifts for the newlyweds!


We once tried to drink hot coffee from a Moscow Mule mug, and can safely say that we do not recommend that unless you want burned lips! [face palm] But if the newlyweds are fans of the Moscow Mule, these engraved, 20 ounce, copper plated glasses are just darling!


Finally, maybe the happy couple you’re shopping for is more off-beat. We’ve got you covered – check out these fun, Faux Deer Skull and Antlers! They actually come in all kinds of colors, and even in glitter if you so desire. 😉


So as you can see, there are a lot of fun ideas that are NOT votive candles or outlet covers! And in case you were wondering, we loved all of these products, but our favorite has to be those Personalized Pint Glasses! Nothing beats a great glass!

6 Creative and Custom Wedding Gift Ideas from Cedar and String
6 Creative and Custom Wedding Gift Ideas from Cedar and String

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We’re Branching Out!


We’ve been looking for ways to spread the beauty of Cedar and String across the Internet. 🙂 For example, here’s a fun collection of just our electronics: phone cases, laptop sleeves, etc.

Check our our newest gallery of designs!

Yes you can have an affordable custom wedding suite

Yes! You can have an affordable, custom wedding suite!

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! How exciting to be starting a new chapter of life and love! We’re big fans of weddings here (in case that isn’t obvious), but we also know that the whole process can be daunting – so we hope to help alleviate some of that stress.

cutsomizable affordable wedding invitations designed by you
Don’t let the stress give you cold feet!

Here at Cedar and String we believe that it is downright ridiculous to pay exorbitant prices for wedding invitations. As a married couple, we know firsthand how expensive weddings can be, and when we started this company we determined that we were NOT going to be part of the problem, but part of the solution! Our goal is to provide you with the most beautiful, custom – and customizable – wedding invitation suite that you desire, without the added costs that big-name designers and printing companies add! It’s one of the reasons that we are so excited to partner with

Funny Name, Serious Business!

Yes, the name is funny, but trust us – the products are amazing! Zazzle provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee, outstanding print quality on a variety of paper types and products, and the unique option for full customer customization so you can see your work in real time before you order it! That’s actually one of our favorite features: the ability to see what your invitation, RSVP cards, menus, wine labels, or even cake pops are going to look like as you are creating them – not at the end, not having to wait for a “proof” to show up, and best of all, not when the invitations arrive at your door!

Buy More and Save More, Without Sacrificing Quality and Options

Don’t be discouraged by the price of invitations or other parts of your wedding suite. At Cedar and String we are happy to offer you a great volume discount! The discount varies by product, but as an example: if you’re purchasing at least 250 invitations, you earn a 45% discount! We challenge you to find these kinds of savings at your standard, big-name invitation websites.

In fact, we took that challenge ourselves! We put together a mock order of 250 invitations, RSVP cards, details cards, belly bands, and custom envelopes with Zazzle, and looked at the cost. Then we went over to one of the top wedding invitation websites (we won’t name them there, but they were in the top three hits on our Google search for “affordable wedding invitations”), and put together a set of the same products, focusing on matching the PRICE. We tried multiple times, and each time we found that the only way to pay less on their site was to strip our invitations down to their bare bones: no colors or fancy fonts, no fancy paper, no printing on both sides, and so on. And even then the savings was only going to be a few dollars. We were frustrated at the amount of “upselling” there was, and quite frankly a little disgusted by the fact that they tout themselves as an affordable option! At our Cedar and String Zazzle shop we were able to choose the colors, fonts, and even adjust the layout of the words and designs. Oh, and don’t get us started on the ease of design at Zazzle! We found ourselves wondering how that big invitation website gets any customers at all with its not-very-user-friendly templates.

Zazzle takes the guess work out of the whole process AND double checks to make sure you get what you want! Here’s a great example: at the big-name site, we went through process of selecting invitations and then trying to determine what we could get for that price. Without going into detail, suffice it to say that it was not easy (see previous paragraph!), but we managed alright. Here’s the thing, though – we didn’t bother to change any of the wording or names on the invitations – first because we weren’t actually going to buy them, but also because it was hard to maneuver around their template. So we picked our products as they were presented and loaded our cart, and all that was left was to push that big “buy now” button. At no point did their system recognize that we were about to buy 250 invitation suites with some random couple’s names on them!

Fast forward to our mock order at Zazzle. We hit that “add to cart button” and IMMEDIATELY a huge box popped up with our invitation on it and a bunch of red boxes showing us parts we hadn’t customized yet, asking if we wanted to continue or not! Here’s a screenshot:

customize your wedding invitations

With Zazzle, you can trust that you’ll have back up throughout the entire process.

How many invitation designers can say they’ve used their own product?

We can! While we’ve been married for longer than Zazzle has existed, we have actually experienced the whole Zazzle process ourselves, because we use them for our own holiday cards and other gifts. We trust their design process, and we trust their customer satisfaction guarantee. In fact, we used it once when we bought some mugs from their extensive marketplace and a couple of the handles broke during shipping (despite some crazy thick bubble wrap!). We had new mugs within just a couple of days, and we didn’t have to bother sending the broken ones back! So when we say that Zazzle really does have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, we say it with confidence and pride! But now we’re just bragging. 😉

“Imagine Macy’s Santa Claus sending customers to Gimbels!”

We love that scene from Miracle on 34th Street where Santa suggest so a frantic shopper that she try the competition’s store and then he almost gets fired for it – until the bigwigs at Macy’s realize what a great idea it is! We feel that way about the whole Zazzle marketplace. There are hundreds (probably thousands!) of designers over at Zazzle, creating everything from wedding invitations to fabric to lampshades. Yes, lampshades. So if you don’t find something you love at Cedar and String, look around once you get to Zazzle – you will find what you’re looking for, we’re sure of it! And you’ll find a company full of designers who want to help you just as much as we do.

Full disclosure: As a Zazzle designer, we participate in affiliate marketing, so if you head to the Zazzle marketplace using any of the links in this post or anywhere on our website, we do get a few pennies of the royalties on whatever you do decide to buy, even if it isn’t from us. But quite frankly, we would still send you there even if that wasn’t the case.

However, since we’re in full disclosure mode, we would like to make sure you understand that Zazzle allows designers to set their own royalties percentages, and there are designers in the marketplace who set theirs so high that you’re really not saving money by using their products. At Cedar and String, we keep our royalties as low as possible because we believe every bride should be able to have her dream wedding without breaking the bank! So if you see another designer’s invitations and they’re a lot more expensive than ours, let us know; we won’t be able to offer you their exact design, but we can help you find one of ours that is closer – or even design one just for you!

Ready to Get Started?

If you’d like to go directly to our Cedar and String store, just click below (or any of the images on this page).

customizable affordable wedding invitations

If you’d like to browse around our Cedar and String website for a while, click here to be taken to our portfolio page. The wedding invitations, RSVP cards, favors, and wedding accessories you see on our website here are templates that are provided to show our customers what your end product could look like. If you click on the items in the individual posts, you will be taken directly to Cedar and String’s store at From there, you customize the text, colors, and paper types that you desire. You can add or change the words, or even shop other designs at Zazzle’s extensive marketplace.

We will work with you every step of the way, and so will Zazzle!

Please contact us if you have questions or would like to work with us!

p.s. Don’t live in the USA? We’ve got you covered!