6 Creative and Custom Wedding Gift Ideas from Cedar and String

6 Creative and Custom Wedding Gift Ideas

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We were recently invited to a wedding, and one of the first things we did was look up the Happy Couple’s registry to see what we could get them. To our chagrin, most of the items we would’ve chosen were already taken and what was left were things like votive candles and electric outlet plug covers. Really? What kind of wedding guest brings electric outlet covers as a gift? Not this kind – that’s for sure!

So, we headed off-registry to look for a gift that would be both meaningful and lasting and then put together a list of some of the cool things we found as we were shopping. And if you read to the end we’ll tell you which one we ended up picking as our favorite!

For the gardeners and nature lovers, we adore this Personalized White Washed Engraved Wood Planter Box. At 7×7” square, it’s the perfect size for their first apartment!

Personalized Cutting Boards are always a good idea, and we especially love these bamboo boards with a luscious walnut stain!


For a more rustic look, we loved this Personalized Cedar Wood Cutting Board made from reclaimed wood!


Here’s a secret about us that you may not know: we’re not really big drinkers, but we do love using large pint glasses for our soft drinks and sweet tea. These Engraved Pint Glasses would make great gifts for the newlyweds!


We once tried to drink hot coffee from a Moscow Mule mug, and can safely say that we do not recommend that unless you want burned lips! [face palm] But if the newlyweds are fans of the Moscow Mule, these engraved, 20 ounce, copper plated glasses are just darling!


Finally, maybe the happy couple you’re shopping for is more off-beat. We’ve got you covered – check out these fun, Faux Deer Skull and Antlers! They actually come in all kinds of colors, and even in glitter if you so desire. 😉


So as you can see, there are a lot of fun ideas that are NOT votive candles or outlet covers! And in case you were wondering, we loved all of these products, but our favorite has to be those Personalized Pint Glasses! Nothing beats a great glass!

6 Creative and Custom Wedding Gift Ideas from Cedar and String
6 Creative and Custom Wedding Gift Ideas from Cedar and String

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